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What You Need To Know About Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is a very serious condition ,yet can very difficult to recognize in its early stages. Internal bleeding can be as a result of injury, such as lung or abdominal injuries ,yet can also happen spontaneously to an apparent well patient ,such as bleeding from a stomach ulcers or a weak artery.

Although blood may not actually be lost externally from the body ,it is lost out of the arteries and veins ,so shock can quickly develop.

Other serious life threatening complications can occur from internal bleeding ,such as bleeding into lungs or brain hemorrhage. Here are symptoms and signs that may indicate or inform one is having internal bleeding.

1, Signs of shock

2,Pain or a history of recent pain at the site of bleeding

3,Bruising and swelling on the injured body part

4,Other symptoms related to the site of bleeding eg .difficulty breathing if the bleeding is in the lungs.

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