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Groups Of People Who Can Easily Get Infected By Covid-19 Even After The Vaccination

Corona virus disease is now a pandemic to the whole world. Many people in different nations fear this disease more than other diseases. People are dying while many others are getting Infected each and every 24 hours.

The World Health Organizations are doing anything in their power to make sure that the Covid-19 Vaccine reaches every nation of the world. This is indeed a good thing because the vaccine will reduce the number of Infections and thus we will defeat this deadly disease.

Unfortunately,there are some people who are vulnerable to Covid-19 disease even if they are Vaccinated. This is because their immune systems is weak due to certain diseases they may be suffering from. Some of these people include,Cancer patients,Organ transplant recipients, People with HIV and those with Auto immune or chronic inflammatory conditions.

According to a specialist in the United States,these group of people are vulnerable to Covid-19 and this is why many are dying of Covid-19 even if they get vaccinated.

This may be the reason why some people are having complications after after getting vaccinated. Please share the article and don't forget to follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya.

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