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Body parts that can be used to tell the real age of a person

This is an obvious mistake. Different hair angles can determine a person's age. Genuine hair color shows. Gray hair is an aging sign that grows more noticeable with time. Age thins hair.

The human Face

When you notice wrinkles, old age is knocking. Younger looks cuter.

2. Display

It's easy to identify children and adults. Younger students are cuter. If someone has wrinkles, they're becoming old.


Because the hand is so exposed, it's easy to identify a person's age. Younger people have wrinkled hands. Hand wrinkles signify age.


When compared to younger people, whose eyelids do not extend as much since they are still intact, eyelids begin to expand as a natural consequence of aging.

Most bodily functions peak shortly before age 30 and then begin a gradual but continuous decline. The eyes, followed by the ears, begin to change early in mid-life. Some organs are more likely to malfunction under stress than others. These include the heart and blood vessels, the urinary organs (such as the kidneys), and the brain. Bones become less dense partly because they contain less calcium (which gives bones strength).

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