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Amount Of Money Kenyan Doctors Earns Per Month In Kenyan Shillings

One must look or find a sustainable job to work and earn a living from it. One of the jobs is being a doctor which when you study medicine, nursing and much more other related courses you can become one. Doctorate courses are offered all across the country in different universities or medical training colleges for example Egerton University has a medical course.Photo Courtesy.

Studying to be a doctor will takes you six to ten years depending on your area of specialization.For example a guy studying to be a nurse will study for few years compared to neurosurgeons which takes long time due to the fact that they deals with curing more complicated body parts.Photo Courtesy.

Their Salaries

Doctors monthly Salaries is continuing to increase due to increase in the number of patients and reduction of doctors.The government also pay them allowances and bonuses to keep them comfortable. A typical doctors earns an average of KES 200,000 a month. This will depend on your level of education and experience. Lower level doctors earns an average of Ksh.150,000 a month and Ksh.550,000 for the high level doctors.

Photo Courtesy.

This photo above shows how different doctors earns according to their year of experience.

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