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12 Best Stretching Exercises to Increase Height?

Stretching is a way to keep your body agile and flexible. This helps you perform well and give an edge to anyone else you are competing against.

Stretching is important for everyone, as it improves muscle tone, improves mobility, reduces the risk of injuries, and makes you a stronger and a better athlete. The key to a flexible, healthy body is exercise.

This article will help you gain flexibility and boost the length and strength of your body.

Stretching can help you in the following number of ways:

1.It can stretch your sore muscles and help you feel fewer cramps.

2.It helps in reducing joint pain as it stretches the ligaments of your joints and improves the overall range of movement.

3.It keeps your spine straight and increases the flexibility of your muscles and bones.

4.It enhances the blood flow to your muscles, which boosts muscle hypertrophy and induces more strength in your body.

Is it possible to increase height with stretching?

Well, firstly your height is a human body feature that is 60 to 70 percent dependent on your family genetics. If your genetics run with smaller people, then your chances to get taller are quite rare.

Secondly, what comes into the picture is your diet and the type of lifestyle you live. If you are eating an adequate amount of protein + you are physically active + you are taking recovery sleep every day during your growing years, then this can increase your chances to be a taller human.

Eating junk food and not pursuing a healthy lifestyle can lead you towards a smaller height.

So, how to get taller?

These different stretching exercises can certainly help you to increase height over time if you perform these regularly with a combination of a good diet and 8 hours of sleep.

1. Standing Hamstring Stretch.

2. Standing Quadriceps Stretch.

Do this for 1 minute times 3 rounds

3. Wall Calf Stretch.

After 1 minute repeat this on the other side for 3 rounds on each side.

4. Dead Hang on a Pull-Up Bar.

Hold till failure and repeat this for 10 rounds.

5. Triangle Stretch.

After 1 minute repeat this on the other side for 3 rounds on each side.

6. Cat and Camel Stretch.

Repeat this for 5 to 10 rounds for complete spine activation.

7. Down-Dog Stretch.

Hold this for 1 minute * 5 rounds.

8. Lizard Stretch or Runners Lunge.

Hold the stretch at each side for 1 minute and repeat this for 3 rounds.

9. Standing Forward Bending.

Hold this for 1 minute and repeat 3 rounds of this.

10. Standing Side Stretch.

Repeat this for 5 to 10 rounds on each side.

11. Low Lunge Side Stretch.

Hold the stretch at each side for 1 minute and repeat this for 3 rounds.

12. Cobra Stretch.

Hold this for 1 minute and repeat 5 rounds of this.

The last key takeaway for you is, try not to be too desperate or stressed to get taller. Understand, the stretching won't work for you in case your age is more than 20 years.

Because, as you grow the body produces less growth hormone. So, no matter what is the outcome keep on trying. Although, in case things do not work, simply embrace your body the way it is and still continue stretching for better health.

Remember, we all are beautiful in our own ways. Height might be an appealing personality-enhancing quality but, your inner beauty matters the most. Be thankful for what you have and never take your appearance for granted.

Content created and supplied by: Jobwanjala (via Opera News )


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