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The following foodstuffs should be avoided by patients with peptic ulcers, especially number 4

Peptic ulcers is a disease that affects the stomach and sometimes the duodenum.It occurs due to erosion of the gastric mucosal causing deep or shallow ulcerations that leads to pain and other symptoms such as nausea,vomiting,epigastric pain,hematemesis,anorexia among others.

There are two types of ulcers,the gastric ulcers that occurs in the gastric mucosa and the duodenal ulcer that occurs in the duodenum. They are caused by helicobacter pylory,prolonged use of NSAIDS such as brufen,prolonged staying hungry ,alcohol use ,cigarettes smoking and excessive stress.

These patients are treated with drugs such as proton pump inhibitors especially omeprazole daily,antacids such as magnesium sulfate, prostaglandins such as misoprostol,H2 receptors such as ranitidine and cimetidine among others.

There are types of food to be avoided in these patients,these includes citrus fruits such as pineapples, oranges, passion fruits and lemons.


They have a high citrous and acidic content which when taken by this patient increases acidity thus increases the gastrointestinal reflux causing epi gastric pain which is an acute presentation in these patients.

2.passion fruit

Its rich in citric acid this increases the gastrointestinal reflux hence onset of pain in an ulcers patient


They too have citric acid, when taken increases the reflux thus epigastric pain which is an emergency in ulcer patients

4.sukuma wiki

It's a vegetable with high acidity content which when taken increases production of digestive enzymes which are acidic in nature when these acids such as hydrochloric acid comes in contact with the ulcers increases pain making it an emergency

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