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Sad News to All Vaccinated and Unvaccinated as new Research About Covid 19 emerge

The global has gone through tough times since covid 19 outbreak. Many countries mostly the Europe lost many people at the beginning of the disease.

According to the source, new research details have been confirmed concerning covid 19 which many people don't know and assume that they are well.

It has been revealed that some people are living with long covid with no symptoms that are visible or their symptoms were mild or casual. When covid 19 lives in your body for along period of time, when it matures up, it leads to death if not taken considerably.

This shows that some other people end up die unknowing the cause of their death but noticed later that it was covid 19. As the service of vaccination is ongoing, it's a good opportunity to get vaccinated and get tested always.

On the other hand, some countries like China are still experiencing high number of new covid cases where some of its parts are under lockdown.

Stay safe and get vaccinated since it's still with us.

What are your views about the new research?

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