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The Beauty of Solitude

Solitude is the state of being isolated or lack of direct contact with people in a society. Solitude normally arise due to loss of loved ones,mental diseases,infectious disorders,bad relationships,deliberate choices among others. Solitude is the period when a person work under minimal or no disturbance at all.Phycologists argue that for one to be a complete human he or she must relate with other individuals. Nevertheless one should have his own time and keep himself away from the public especially after completion of a given task. Solitude creates space for an individual to heal mentally.Spending time alone acts as an adventure to some individuals which helps in relaxing the mind and changing the mode of thinking.Solitude plays a vital role in the nervous system that helps in calming a person down. Getting own time enables the muscles of a person to relax, decreases blood pressure and slows down the heart rate.

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The Beauty of Solitude


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