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Five (5) Surprising Healthy Benefits Of Alcohol To Our Body

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Actually in moderation alcohol can offer some health benefits. Its kinda nice to know that you can hit the bar and enjoy a drink or two for the sake of your well being.

1. Alcohol can burn fat

A glass of alcohol can help you out manage obesity and metabolic fatty liver due to its ability to slow down the growth of fat cells and stops new ones from being created.

2. Lowers heart attack risks

Alcohol improves blood circulation and also if you drink moderately you have a 30% lower risk of a heart attack than those who drink heavily or none at all

3. Alcohol strengthen your bones

Alcohol high silicone content is what is responsible for increase in bone density.

3.Alcohol contain Vitamin

Alcohol such as beer are packed with vitamin riboflavin and thiamin plus a high level of calcium and magnesium.

4. Alcohol enhance your work out

Resveratrol found in most alcohol enhance exercise performance improve muscle strength and heart function. All benefits similar to endurance training.

5. Alcohol make you live longer

Resveratrol foung mostly in wines can help induce the expression of several longevity genes that regulate cell survival.

Caution! Alcohol is only healthy if consumed moderately

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