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What Happens When You Consume More Than 4-5 Cups of Black Tea Per Day

People take black tea for various reasons. According to science, black tea comes with myriad of health benefits.

Moderate consumption can boost gut health, improve metabolism, heart health and lower risks of cancer to a some extent.

Just like coffee, black tea is said to be laced with caffeine meaning when taken in excess it could pose some serious health risks.

Two cups are considered healthy while taking more than four tofive cups per day may cause more harm than good. 

1. Anemia 

How black tea leads to anaemia is still not that clear but according to different studies, oxalate compound present in it lowers the production of haemoglobin, an iron-containing substance in red blood cells. 

Anemia is a blood disorder characterized by few blood cells in the blood vessels. 

2. High blood pressure

This is a cardiovascular disease that occurs due to weak blood vessels. The condition might be caused by a wide range of factors like black tea, high cholesterol level and smoking. 

3. Breathing faster.

Ever asked yourself why you have been panting heavily? While the condition might be due to underlying infections, breathing so fast could also be attributed to excessive consumption of black tea.

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