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How To Treat a Headache Without Taking Painkillers

Almost every body have had headache in his life time but the type of headache differs from one person to another. In this article I am going to tell you about different ways you can use to treat headache without taking painkillers. Headaches may be as a result of other sicknesses, overworking or even stress. Imagine you have a headache every day and you choose to take painkillers, it will reach a point where your body can't respond to any medicine because it is already used to medication. However there are different ways you can use to curb this.

1. Wash your head with cold water severally. This will lower your temperature and the pains in the head will automatically come down.

2. Drink alot of Water. Most of headaches may be as a result of dehydration, drinking alot of water brings about cooling effect because your body will be adequately hydrated.

3. Sleeping is another remedy to cure headache. After drinking alot of water and washing your head with cold water, try to have some sleep and by the time you wake up, the pains will be already gone.

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