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Covid - 19 :India Is Spiraling Deeper Into Covid-19 Crisis And Here's what You Need To know

The diseases is not crisis for Indians but also to everyone, since the virus does not respect age, nationalism or gender. This is the high time know to come together as brother and sister to fight this killer disease because no one knows the hour.

Massive bodies of Indians are being burned in every 24 hours, since the second wave of covid-19 seems to have reached the point where it isn't easily controlled. Following the population of Indians the virus is preading easily since Indians are large in number.

Some are claiming that the vaccine might not be working following the death rate of India, which has left everyone in tears. Now things are worsening after every minute as even some are collapsing on the streets of the india.

The government of India is calling for the assistance from all nations, since their people are perishing. This should be a warning to everyone who is not taking the virus with seriousness. For now everyone should observe all the rules and regulations made by the government in order to fight this disease.

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