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You Need To Do This Even After Taking Covid 19 Vaccine Jabs

Covid 19 pandemic has become one of the greatest problems in the whole world. Since last year the top news are all about it. The scientists have tried hard to come up with its cure to no result until this year when they discovered a vaccine that would prevent people from being infected with the virus.

On March kenya we were able to receive Astra zeneca vaccine due to high rates of infection and increase in death. Most of us thought that now we were secure and free to learn our daily activities as usual but unfortunately it worsen the situation in our big towns. People ended up being careless and ignorance which led to increase in the victims rate.

The president did not hesitate in putting measures in the five counties and urged people to take the vaccine jab especially 58yrs and above so we can conquer the virus and resume back to our daily routine.

Most people thought by taking the jab one can now walk freely and anyhow but as far as the virus is concerned, the ministry of health has warned people to be very careful and follow the covid-19 protocols because some victims were injected the jab before contacting the virus.

Comment below what you think about taking this jab and continue sticking on measures or just ignoring the jab and follow the covid-19 protocol to the latter.

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