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Doctors Suspends Their Strike as They Demand Their 11 Issues to be Resolved Before 21st December

KMPPDU on twitter they have shared information that the National Advisory council has resolved to suspend the strike for 14 days to allow dialogue.

According to KMPDU the government must adress the 11 issues in the strike Notice failure to which the Strike will commence on 21st December.This is what they posted on twitter,

"The National Advisory Council has resolved to Suspend the Strike for 14 days to allow for dialogue. KMPDU thanks @NAssemblyKE & @Senate_KE for their efforts. The government MUST address the 11 issues in the strike Notice failure to which the strike will commence on 21st December"

One fan replied saying,"You cant be threatening the government with industrial action then chicken out at the eleventh hour,wish this mess was sorted once and for all."

Another fan replied saying,"Dont waste our time calling for another strike we are done we better continue suffering."

Another fan replied saying,"@kmpdu @CMwachonda also please attach BBI forms when you circulate this MEMO to hospitals - bado hatujasign."

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