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Uses Of Eucalyptus Leaves You Never Knew

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that's widely used for its medicinal properties. Here are impressive benefits of eucalyptus leaves;

1• High in antioxidants _Dried leaves can be made into tea.Be careful not to mistake this tea for eucalyptus oil,which can be toxic if consumed.Choose a tea that's labelled eucalyptus leaves tea and don't add eucalyptus essential oil to your tea.

Eucalyptus leaves are a great source of antioxidants,particularly flavonoids,which protect your body from oxidative stress and free radical damage.Flavonoids in eucalyptus may protect against certain cancers,heart disease,and dementia.

2•May relieve cold symptoms_Eucalyptus is widely used as a natural cold remedy and is a common ingredient in cold and cough products. Research says that eucalyptol relieves cold symptoms like cough frequency,nasal congestion,and headache by decreasing inflammation and mucus build up.

3•May treat dry skin_Using eucalyptus may improve dry skin by increasing its ceramide content. Ceremides area type of fatty acid in your skin that's responsible for maintaining its barrier and retaining its moisture.

Eucalyptus leaf extract has been found to boost skin ceramide production,water,holding capacity and skin barrier contains a compound called macrocarpal A,which appears to stimulate ceramide production.

4•May reduce pain_lnhaling eucalyptus essential oil may decrease pain.Eucalyptus contains many anti_inflammatory compounds,such as cineole and limoneme,which may act as pain relievers.

5•May promotes relaxation _Eucalyptus oil is associated with decreased blood pressure and anxiety lts believed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system,which promotes relaxation.

6•Can help keep your teeth health _Chewing gum with eucalyptus leaf extract has been found to significantly decrease plaque build up on teeth and signs of gum disease .lt's added to many types of mouth wash and other oral health products.

7•Can act as a natural insect repellent _ Eucalyptus oil contains a compound called eucalyptol,which has been shown to repel mosquitoes and other biting insects. It may also be an effective treatmentfor head lice, but more reserch is needed.

Consuming eucalyptus oilcan be toxic and should be avoided. Children are at higher risk of toxicity .ln some cases,people may experience contact dermatitis from the oil,so do a path test before using it as a treatment,thanks.

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