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15 Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger, which is a flowering root plant, provides a variety of great health benefits. It is rich in vitamins, potassium and minerals that are helpful in our health.

Here are 15 healthy ways it can help.

1. Sore Throat

Ginger helps in fighting sore throat. Boil one or two inches of ginger roots and add honey or lemon. Drink it and see.

2. Fighting Cancer

Though it cannot fully treat cancer, it was found that it helps in fighting the cancer. Especially the ovarian cancer.

Drinking ginger tea can help reduce the chances of getting cancer.

3. Soothing The Digestive System

The history of ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in soothing digestive system.

4. Fighting Infections

Fresh ginger has a substance called gingerol which helps to lower the risks of infections. It also helps in fighting RSV virus which is a common cause of respiratory infections.

5. Improves Brain Functionality

Ginger can enhance brain function directly. It can also protect against age-related decline in brain function.

6. Muscle Pain and Soreness

Ginger is very effective against excercise - induced muscle pain. Consuming two (2) grams of ginger per day for eleven days will reduce your muscle pain.

7. Lowering Cholesterol Level

Consuming three (3) grams of ginger powder per day will reduce the level of cholesterol in your body.

8. Stuffy Nose and Congestion

Grate ginger and put one teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Drink it. You can also add honey and lemon to speed up the process.

9. Anti - Inflammatory Properties/ Response

This is what ginger root is best for.

10. Treating Chronic Indigestion

Grate some pieces of ginger and steep in boiling water for a few minutes. Add a spoonful of honey and drink.

11. Reducing Menstrual Pain

Boil some slices of ginger roots in water. Keep sipping the liquid the whole day.

12. Controlling Headaches

It fights nausea that accompanies headache

13. Fighting Toothache

Rub raw fresh ginger into the gums or boil the roots, cool it and use as mouth wash

14. Lowering Blood Sugar

Consuming two grams of ginger powder per day can lower blood sugar by 12%

15. Fighting Caughs

It is one of the most famous natural cure for Caughs. Boil some slices and cool. Drink one glass three times a day.

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Content created and supplied by: Dantiger (via Opera News )

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