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Has Your Stomach Been Making Rumbling Fart Noises? Here are The Major Reasons You Need to Know

Rumbling fart noise is not a weird condition as most people experience it from time to time. Whereas it is not a serious condition, a stomach that keeps growling after every second can make feel unsafe when around people since it is embarrassing.

The condition normally occurs out of the blue without expecting it. 

Most of you have been figuring out to identify the caused behind the condition. In this article, we will explicate the major reasons why you stomach keeps growling;

1. Hunger pang

Ever heard of peristalsis? It is a series of muscle contraction that aids in the movement of food right from the oesophagus to the intestines. 

During this process, the body tends to produce gases and enzymes that is used to break down food particles. 

When you are hungry, the process will also take place as usual. However, since there is no movement of food, the digestive tract will produce growling noises. 

2. It could be a sign of a particular ailment. 

The condition may be mistaken for something else, however, it could be a warning sign of an impending scourge that needs maximum attention. Irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal blockage among others have been consorted with this condition. 

You should consider seeking medical attention if the condition is accompanied by other symptoms that come with abovementioned diseases.

3. You have been overeating foods that produce excess gases

Onions, beer, beans, whole grains and cabbages are perfect examples of foods that produce more gases than others. To beat the condition, you will need to be considerate and be sure of incorporating some unproblematic foods into your diets.

Even though it is an innocuous condition, it is important to keep it at bay by eating regularly, avoid certain foods and get rid of anxiety. If you have been experiencing it on a regular basis, it is high time you talk to a doctor about it. 

Content created and supplied by: SamMunyaka (via Opera News )


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