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5 Foods That Are Good For your Lungs

Lungs are the body parts that are used for breathing. They are so important and should be taken good care of. Today let's have a look at some of the foods you should eat in order to have healthy lungs;

1)Apples. The presence of the antioxidants in apples have been proven to reduce lung decline and damage caused by smoking.

2)Beets. Beetroots and beet greens have been shown to benefit lung function, relax blood pressure and optimize oxygen intake,all of which helps someone struggling to breath.

3) Pumpkins. They are rich in caratanoids which are associated with high lung function. Caratanoids also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which promotes overall health and comfort.

4) Tomatoes. They are one of the richest vegetable sources of lycopene a carotenoid that has been said to improve lung function. Consuming tomatoes and tomato products has also been linked to reduce lung diseases.

5)Leafy vegetables such as spinach and kales are a rich source of carotenoid, iron, potassium, calcium and Vitamins. These nutrients have anti-inflammatory effects which help reduce long inflammation and promote overall health of the lung.

It is good to live a simple healthy lifestyle than an expensive and one which will bring you complications. Share the article to your friends.

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