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If You Are Focused On Eating Plant -Based Foods Only, You Are At Risk Of Getting This One Problem.

You have been told diets rich in protein and animal products are bad for your health. You believe and you try your best to avoid food from animals and their by-products.

In every meal you prepare, you ensure that it is plant based. However you fail to understand that it is extremely difficult to track your calories while on plant based foods. They have less calories compared to animal based foods. If you eat the same portion you ate in animal based products your will become weak, and get sick


Research has shown that people who eat plant based diet risk hip fractures due to lower body mass index, lack of protein and calcium. Nevertheless, you can overcome this obstacle of bone fractures with proper planning. Have a strategy on how your food is going to incorporate all the key nutrients the body needs like calcium, vitamin b12, iron and zinc


You should eat a variety of vegetables including all colours, fruits, whole grain flours, legumes, soya and nuts. Being a vegan, your body weight will be healthy, your risk of cancer, diabetes and blood pressure will be low.

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