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PHOTOS: Children Admitted at KNH With Cancer Taken on a Tour of Nairobi National Park

Cancer is one of the leading killer diseases in the country over the past few years with the government doing its best to ensure that the cases are brought down.

Picture courtesy. Image of one of the kids at the park.

With no specific cause being established, cancer has been spreading across the country with thousands reported dead every year and new infections springing up every day.

Children as well as adults have not been spared by this disease that has no known cure but if detected early enough, can be eliminated.

This morning, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us from the Kenyatta National Hospital, children who are admitted at the institution with cancer have received a huge boost.

Picture courtesy. Image of one of the kids looking at zebras.

The children who are at the hospital with cancer are said to have been taken on a safari tour of the Nairobi National Park as per the reports that we have with us.

All smiles at the Safari Park Drive, the kids who were jovial while looking at the animals in the park were elated at the adventure that they undertook.

The Nairobi National Park is one of the most unique parks in the world being situated in the middle of a City as per the reports that we have with us.

The children were taken round the park for the day where they were able to enjoy themselves and have some time off their hospital beds where some have been for months.

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Picture courtesy. Images of the Kenyatta National Hospital children in the Nairobi National Park.

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