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4 Signs Showing A Person Is Gradually Getting Blind & When One Should See A Doctor

Occasionally people tend to see blindness as something impossible or far from them but in the real sense it can actually be caused by a disease. Some people are slowly getting blind without their knowledge and are probably lost in the belief that nothing is wrong with their eyes citing that they might just be having minor problems when it actually means that a disease is slowly destroying the eyes.

Below are the four signs which shows that a person is gradually getting blind;

1. Sudden Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is often one of the earliest symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that causes inflammation along the nerve(optic nerve) that connects a person's eye to the brain. This causes a condition called Optic Neuritis that can give one a blurry sight, loss of color vision and pain when a person moves his/her eye. In extreme condition it can also lead to blindness.

2. Seeing Halos Around Lights

Tthis has to do with seeing rainbow colored circles around lights. Whenever a person gets near a light source or even stare at any light and appears to see rainbow coloured circles that are very glaring, then there is a possibility that the person is slowly getting blind. This is an emergency that should be looked into early enough to avert total damage of the eyes as at most times, people see halos around lights because of glaucoma or cataract.

3. Eye Redness

The eyes can be red for any reason both serious and minor but if a person's eyes change to red for no clear reason, then one should consider seeing a doctor.

4. Chronic Eye Pain

Chronic eye pain is a very serious sign of blindness that should not be taken for granted. If a person start having constant eye pain especially for unexplainable reasons, do well to see a doctor. Reason being that most vision threatening eye diseases start with causing terrible eye pain.

When One Should See A Doctor

It is advisable to see a doctor once you start having any signs or symptoms that's affecting your vision and perhaps causing problems with productivity. This id because the eyes are very delicate and as such, any disturbing symptoms should be looked into.

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