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How to Stop Smelly Feet

Anyone will get sweating legs at any temperature or time of year ,however teens and pregnant ladies area unit additional possible to urge them as a result of endocrine shifts create them sweat additional.

1.Washing your shoes and insoles and drying them will keep them fresh. Detergent and heat will however, destroy the materials in them.

Glue and adhesives will give way and your shoes will need to be replaced earlier. For shoes, hand-washing with cool water is safest.

2.Instead of cotton, wearing socks made of technical sweat-wicking material like Cool-Max will keep your feet and shoes drier.

These fibers move the foot away from sweat so that it can evaporate.

Photo courtesy of Google.

3.By spraying deodorant or antiperspirant on your legs – traditional underarm deodorant or toiletries works.

Even as well as a specialized foot product and it'll value you less to place medicated insoles that have a deodorant impact.

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