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Revealed: These Intestinal Worms Can Cause Diseases

There are many types types of worms and other tiny animals (parasites) that live in people's Intestines and cause diseases, some are larger.

1. Round Worm (Ascaris)

They are 20 to 30 cm long. Colour: pink or white.Through lack of cleanliness,the roundworm eggs are passed from one person's to another.

Once the eggs are swallowed, young worms hatch and enter the bloodstream; this may cause general itching or dry cough.


Use latrines, wash hands before eating or handling food,protect food from flies.

2. Threadworm (pin worm)

The worms lay thousands of eggs. This causes itching especially at night. When you scratch, the eggs stick under the nails and they are carried to the food.

3. Whipworm (Trichuris)

Tend to be 3 to 5cm long but the females can grow up to 45 cm long. Colour: pink or gray. This worm does little harm but it may cause diarrhoea, anaemia and poor growth.

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Ascaris Intestinal Round Worm


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