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Worrying News To Unvaccinated Kenyans From Health Experts

After the covid 19 pandemic hit the country, the ministry of health has been doing all things possible to try and get rid of the pandemic that has hit all corners of the country. The pandemic has ravaged the economy, businesses, health sector, education and many other sectors.

In a bid to try to get rid of it, the world health organisation came up with vaccines which it was said will finish the covid 19 virus. However, the health experts have broken the silence and today have issued some worrying news to Kenyans who are yet to be vaccinated.

According to Wilis Akhwale he said that those Kenyans who are yet to be vaccinated are at a higher risk of being hospitalized compared to those who have gotten the jab. He added that the booster vaccines have be ability to improve the immunity system hence can fight the virus from within.

Therefore the ministry has urged Kenyans to make sure they get the jab for their benefit. What's your view on this?

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