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Serious Health Complications Related To Prolonged Wearing Of Masks

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Hello, pleasure seeing you around. With everyone being either infected or affected, the pandemic has tried and tested the world to it's core.

Since March 2020, when the first case was reported in Nairobi-Kenya, the pandemic abnormality has been the new normality with many plans/dreams shattered and scattered. But at last, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and we are overcoming it!

Now that use of mask is a norm and an important tool in combating the pandemic, it's also important to note its hazardous side, moreso for prolonged use.

According to recent medical studies, besides the common complains of sore ears (for some individuals) and blurry or foggy vision (for those using glasses) the 'humble' can do more harm than that.

Let's check them out:


Now that you're unable to breath normally like before, there's a slight change in the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood, brain needs pure and adequate oxygen to function properly, it has to struggle to adjust to the new 'enviroment' with low level of oxygen leading to headaches.

2.Shortness of breath and dizziness

From talking to singing to breathing, it all results in accumulation of carbon dioxide between the face and the mask, this increase the level of carbon dioxide in your body that might make you dizzy.

3.Weakened immune system

This is due to hypoxia (low oxygen levels in the tissue). Prolonged deprivation of pure oxygen can have a negative effect on your immune system crippling its ability to tackle infections.


Your very dear face, which you protect like a jewel can be damaged by prolonged use of mask. You understand that sweat pores play important role in skin health, they help in removing toxins from the body through sweating and allowing your skin to stay fresh, clean and healthy. They also cool your body, now imagine blocking them. It all leads to wrinkles and unhealthy skin because they can no longer function properly.

5.Respiratory complications

This affect only people with allergies or hypersensitive to masks which contain microfibers in the material.It triggers asthma-like inflammatory response in the lungs leading to respiratory problems.


Sensitive skins may develop some form of dermatitis, non-fabric mask which uses chemical to bond during manufacturing process can lead to dermatitis due to repeated exposure.


Re-wearing unsterilised or unwashed mask can lead to accumulation of bacteria and other contaminants in the material.This clogs your pores and leads to breakouts of acne.

Thank you for making today's article a success, for more amazing and informative articles consider following us.Until then, goodluck and stay safe.

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