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Are You A Improved Kienyeji Farmer? The secret on How to Control Poultry Disease

1. Aloe vera leaves–Aloe vera promotes the growth of chicken and also prevents poultry from Newcastle Disease.

2.Tithonia leaves–Tithonia is used to prevent Foam Diarrhea and internal worms in chicken.

3.Neem tree leaves–Neem is used to prevent Pox Lessons on poultry.

4.Pawpaw seed–Pawpaw seed are used to prevent Coccidiosis Infection to poultry.

5.Pepper –Pepper is used to kill parasites caused digestive problems to poultry.

6.Ginger–Ginger is used to boost appetite in chicken.

How to prepare

Harvest the leaves of Tithonia,Neem and Aloe vera,crush them together,add pepper and ginger in the mixture and continue crushing untill everything is finished,add a well dried pawpaw seed powder to the mixture.Add water equal to the number of your poultry.Cover well and leave the mixture over night.


Sieve and give to the chicken after you have feed them.Let them drink by their own.If You have been blessed by this article,kindly like,share and drop a comment.

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