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All Public Servants Should Have Their Salaries Cut By 10% To Support The Following (Opinion)

Kenya is currently in a situation where all Kenyans should unite and have a common goal for the betterment of everyone's future. Covid 19 has pressured every sector and if a solution is not promptly found, Kenyans should expect more tough times ahead. The ministry of health has more than once explained the essence of vaccination, wearing of face masks, washing of hands with enough water and a soap among other measures. This has really helped in maintaining the rates of infections across the country.

The education sector is one of the fundamental sectors that need to be considered during this times of a contagious pandemic. The government through the ministry of education is set to reopen schools next week. However, from the ministry of health's yesterday report, we are at a positivity rate of 9.7% and this is relatively far from the recommended value (5%). To achieve that within the next one week is almost impossible following the fact that there are several gaps that hinder a total containment of the pandemic of Covid 19. I strongly believe that all schools will be worthy being reopened the moment some strategies are implemented and schools are equiped for resumptions.

Considering the school situation, not all institutions have enough classrooms and offices that can accommodate the school populace and comply to the Covid 19 protocols. It will be perilous for students to resume learning in an unsafe environment. Therefore, I believe that if all Kenyan public servants including members with political seats, doctors, teachers etc have their salaries cut by only 10%, the projects of improving the school situations will be successful and schools can resume without fears. For example, if a public servant earns Kshs 20,000, he or she will only give away Kshs 2,000 to our esteemed government to support the projects and remain with Kshs 18,000.

Basically, the projects include addition of classrooms in both the public and private institutions, installing of water supply tanks or taps, purchasing more vaccines that should be compulsorily directed to education sector, giving away of tenders to the local specialists to make and supply enough face masks to all institutions etc. This will greatly reduce the burden of increasing foreign debts after borrowing from other countries. As a result, we will have all our children continuing with their studies once the exercise is over and afterwards, everyone will start earning as usual.

What's your thought?

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