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Ladies See What The Colour Of Your Discharge Means and Says About Your Health

Most women don't know the first signs when they have an infection,they wait until it starts to show symptoms or feeling itchy that's when they will know they have an Infection and you find it has reached an advanced stage. But a woman who knows the nature and the colour of the discharge will detect when she has the Infection and treat it early before it damages the body Organs.

The White Discharge. If you see cloudy,white and milk like discharge the know that that's normal and you should not worry. If it's too much and you feel itchy then it might be a yeast infections which is caused by candida a fungu when accumulates it reacts or cause bacteria to make you feel itchy. You can treat it by anti fungal drugs see your doctor.

Clear and stretchy discharge. If you see this kind of discharge it means that it's your ovulation day and you are ready to conceive. During ovulation the estrogen hormone is high which makes the discharge to be mucus due to the release of an egg and it shows you are fertile.

Clear and watery discharge. With this one you should not worry at all it means you are ferile and your pH is Okey. This discharge mostly comes when have some emotional feelings.

Yellow or green discharge. If you have this colour of discharge then you should seek medical attention because this might might indicate a serious bacterial infections or STDs like syphilis, Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia. Women with this kind of discharge feels some burns,itchy or pain and the discharge has a foul smell. You can feel pelvic pain please seek medical attention immediately.

Brown discharge is not a concern since it usually comes when you have finished your periods to clear the remaining blood after the periods and that's normal.

Thank you and be keen on your healthy to seek medical attention if notice any changes.

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