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6 Healthy Amazing Benefits Of Eating Nderema the Traditional Vegetable (Vine Spinach)

Nderema is a traditional vegetable. It a plays a crucial role in the food systems of some rural Kenyan Communities. It is also consumed in South Asia. Nderema is referred as the traditional spinach its English name is Vine spinach because it grows as a Vine. Nderema is an excellent source of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C and A. It contains high proteins and great source of phosphorus and potassium. Also has a variety of antioxidants. Have a look at the amazing healthy benefits of eating Nderema.

1) Weight loss. If you want to cut weight, include Nderema in your regular diet. It makes you full for longer at the same time supplying your body with minimum levels of fats.

2) Improves digestion. The fleshy thick leaves are an excellent source of fibre which facilitates and smoothens digestion helping prevent constipation.

3)Prevents cancer. Nderema is a good source of Vitamin A and flavonaids which control the growth of cancer cells and eliminates free radicals that cause cancer.

4) Prevents anaemia. Nderema is a good source of iron which is necessary for the formation of Red Blood Cells which helps your body be free from anaemia.

5)Fights infections. Nderema is a high source of Vitamin C compared to the modern spinach. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that help to eliminate harmful free radicals and help the body to resist infections.

6) Relaxes the body. We all want to wake up with a fresh feeling. By eating Nderema regularly your body will benefit from the numerous amounts of Zinc and Magnesium which helps the body to replenish lost energy and heal when you are sleeping.

Nderema has so many benefits and I can't discuss all of them today. Other benefits include it treats depression, anxiety and pressure. Let's embrace the eating of this traditional vegetable and grow healthy. Share the information to your friends.

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