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3 Major Danger Signs That show You Are Suffering From Diabetes

Diabetes is multsystem chronic condition, characterised ,polyphagia,polidipsia,polyuria.This is due to prolonged elevation of blood glucose more than normal range usually more than 11.1mm/l.

We have two main types of diabetes that is type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 is mostly as a result of genetic disorder that results to lack of production of insulin by pancreatic cells.

On other hand type 2 diabetic is mostly caused by lack of glucose uptake in cell level due to insensitivity of hormone insulin by cells.

In most cases an individual can not know if he or she is suffering from diabetes.Has most people are not unaware of danger signs.That is why I come up with this article.

 Severe Hunger (Poliphagia)

This is most caused by reduction of glucose uptake due to insulin insensitivity at cell level.The final consequences will be rapid conversion of food you are taking into glucose ,this will make you feel severe hunger.

Frequent in urination 

As a result of huge to take a lot of water due to diabetes. There is increased frequency to remove excessive water from body by kidney.This Also is a sign of diabetes.

Severe thirst

As a result of increased frequency of urination there is tendency of taking water in order to replace water that is lost due to increased urination.This is also major sign of Diabetes mellitus.

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