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Ladies if you Ever Notice any of These Things in Your Lower Cervix, Please Seek Medical Attention

Cervical cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that are affecting ladies. As a lady it is so important you always seek medical attention incase you ever realize something strange in your lower part of cervix. Anytime cervical cancer is developing, there are several things you may start to realize. Remember that if this cancer is noticed early enough, you can get diagnosed before it effects the other organs and it the infection gets worse.1.Pain in the pelvic. When cervical cancer start developing, you may start to feel so mach pain in the pelvic or the lower part of the cervix. Sometimes this pain may be may even get worse during the intercourse. Anytime you start feeling pain in this area, it is very important you seek medical attention to know what may be causing this pain.

2.Abnormal bleeding. Sometimes when cancer is developing in the cervix it may cause the blood discharge to flow abnormally. You realize that even when you are not in your menstrual days, you are still bleeding. The bleeding sometimes may start during intercourse although this is not normal.

3.Heavy menstrual discharge. Some people usually experience this heavy discharge for the first few days of menstruation, but incase you not something strange like may be heavy flow for so long, then you can take an extra step to know what may be happening.You may as well notice that your periods are prolonged. If you used to have them for 3 days, you realize its now a week and still dripping.Sometimes you may encounter irregular menstruation when cancer is developing although this can as well be caused by hormone imbalance.Right now so many hospital and organizations which are offering free cancer screening. It is important if you ever come to mote these symptoms you go for screening.Please share.

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