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"Who Said Patriotism Is Suicide? MP Broke Down In Tears

Covid-19 disease has become rampant. Daily infections is alarming. To add salt on the injury, medics are planning for industrial strike over lack of protective gears, unpaid salaries, insurance cover, risk allowances among other things. According to Mwachonda, some medics have gone for more than six months without pay. They gave twenty days strike notice. The health cabinet secretary Honourable Mutahi Lager has asked medics to be patriotic as they give demands.

Today Seme MP James Nyikal broke down and cried as he spoke about the myriad of issues bedevilling doctors. According to him the government has neglected the medics for many years. He was unhappy as the medics are not given risk, extraneous and other allowances to cushion them against the risks they take.

" A lot of the problems doctors are facing are systematic...everybody is saying that you have to be patriotic, you must be human. Who said patriotism is suicide?" Nyikal said.The MP was reacting to submissions by the KMPDU officials.

Indeed doctors and nurses are suffering a lot. What makes the matter worse is that when they contract the disease, they are left alone. This has forced most of them to seek for Harambee in to meet medical expenses. This is totally shameful.

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