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5 Things You Are Doing That Are killing Your Metabolism.

Did you know that some of our daily habits could be slowing down our metabolism? This means that the food we eat will be burned down at slower rate and a lot of the calories will be stored as fat.

1. Eating too little food.

In an attempt to lose weight, we tend to reduce our calory intake. While this is necessary, it should not be taken to extremes. Eating too little will trigger your body to slow down metabolism and store some of those calories you are in taking.

2. Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep is unhealthy and may cause a bunch of health condition. It also kills youetabolism and prevents from effectively using up the calories you eat.

3.Not eating protein.

Proteins makes your body work hard to break it down. This means that it will help you lose weight because not much energy is stored when proteins are being burned by the body.

4. Eating too much refined carbs.

Refined carbs are less complex than whole grains. Thiseans that they require Less energy to be broken down, slowing down metabolism. They also give you sugar spike which willake you eat more.

Content created and supplied by: SheilaMuyela (via Opera News )


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