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COVID-19: Factors that Will Contribute to More Breakthrough Infections After Vaccination in Future (Opinion)

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The Delta strain has been spreading like wildfire in the whole world causing more cases all over the globe, especially among those who have not received their vaccines. However, there have been cases of post vaccination infections reported too. Though experts hint that most of these cases are mild, the current cases may not reveal a lot. The vaccine manufacturing company Moderna notes that there could be more vaccinated individuals getting positive in future. 

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During one of Moderna’s monthly briefings early this month, the company observed that more cases may be reported in future because of three things such as social distancing and mask fatigue, indoor parties and family gatherings, and Delta strain. 

Moderna believes that Delta can cause more post vaccination infections if it is not dealt with differently and not like the way we are dealing with it now. Other factors that can lead to more of these cases is failure to observe the containment guidelines provided by different governments and health agencies, and indoor parties, meetings and gatherings that seem to have resumed. 

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the situation may get even worse in countries that have started dropping mask and social distancing recommendations. WHO says staying away from these recommendations before it is time can expose people badly and it is advisable for people to continue following the guidelines until it is safe to drop them. 

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American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the other hand says that people who are vaccinated need to remain careful so that the gains made by vaccine administrations are not reversed.  

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