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'Fenesi" Why you need it in your diet

Many people love it because of its sweet smell and taste, however, others describe the smell as too strong and therefore disturbing.

Have you been making efforts to include more fruits in your diet? Here comes Jackfruit or 'fenesi' as it is commonly called in Kenya. Jackfruits have numerous health benefits to your diet. Jackfruit, scientifically known as artocarpus heterophyllus falls in the same family as fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family.

You can use Jackfruit in your main meal or as pudding after a meal. Jackfruit is very beneficial such that, like most fruits, it has vitamin C which performs the major function of lowering inflammation in the body.

Also, Jackfruit contains caratenoids, the pigment that gives it it's yellow colour. Caratenoids is rich in vitamin A which protects cells from damage.

Apart from that, Jackfruit contains nutrients such as: Carbohydrates, sugars, fibre, fat, and proteins.

It also contains vitamins and minerals.

Being the largest fruit of all trees, 'Fenesi' grows upto 55kg in mass and upto 90cm in length. Its diameter can reach upto 50cm.

Both ripe and unripe fruits are consumed and ripe fruits give a flavour and taste similar to a combination of apple, pineapple, mango and banana.

Jack fruit can be prepared in different ways. First, it can be taken raw, it can also be cooked together with rice. It can be used to prepare stew to be taken by most foods, it can also be taken after a meal (pudding).

The seeds are also consumed. They can be dried, roasted and ground into powder, after which flavours are added to make it a paste used in bread or made ito chocolate like snack. Indians modify the mixture to obtain Jackfruit masala used as additives to give taste to food.

Jackfruit grows in most parts of Kenya, majorly western region since it entered Kenya through Uganda. In Busia town, it is one of the most sold fruit just like mango and water melon.

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