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Foods That can Help Your Body Fight Against Cancer, Kidney Stone, and Weight gain

Lime fruit is the solution.

Here are some of the best health reasons why you should eat lime fruit.

1.Lime contain pectin that contribute significantly in lowering of cholesterol levels, aids digestion and keep blood sugar stable therefore reducing the risk of diebetes and colon cancer.

2. It peels contain d-limonene which helps to relieve indigestion and prevent cancer.

3. It's also a rich source of citric acid that help prevent kidney stone from forming.

4. Lime also contain vitamin C which helps your skin to produce collagen which is a protein that help effectively plumps the skin.

The vitamin C also helps to increase the level of iron your blood can absorb thus prevent anaemia.

5. Lime juice is also a natural bleaching agent and can help reduce the appearance of dark spots, boost hair growth and cure dandruffs.

6. Lime juice also has antibacterial properties that helps cure acne.

7. Lime contain polyphenols that helps reduce abdominal fat therefore enhancing weight loss.

It is advisable to eat the whole lime including the peels.

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