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“420”. A Day Celebrated By Cannabis Users All Over The World.

The 20th of April signifies an important day for people who love to indulge in marijuana smoking. You might have noticed the hashtag 420 trending on twitter and wondered what it's all about 420 is often referred to as by most marijuana enthusiasts as the act of using marijuana, often by smoking. It also marks an important day on the calendars of people who use the drug for leisure.

Being the 20th of April many people have gone online to either post photos of them enjoying marijuana or photos of marijuana products ranging from marijuana rolled cigarettes known as blunts to marijuana laced edibles like cookies, cakes, chips and others.

Some of known Celebrities who also love enjoying marijuana have been posting photos of them smoking marijuana to their millions of fans on social media. Some of the photos trending online involving marijuana 420 days have been posted across various social media platforms.

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