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"I Thank Coronavirus For Helping Me Find Myself" Governor Kiraitu Murungi

Kiraitu Murungi is a Kenyan politician and Governor Meru County. He went public on 20th March last month after he had tested positive for Corona Virus. After weeks of treatment and isolation he tested negative again.

Through one of Kenya's News paper Kiraitu explained his encounters with Covid 19, which he says it was unexpected to him since he had interacted with Covid 19 at a distance as he continually advised the people of his County to follow all measures put in place to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

He has explained that he faced three phases with Covid 19 sickness. The first phase was marked by denial. He says he had mentally refused to accept that he was sick.

"I forced myself to work until i couldn't work anymore. I had fatigue, fever,confusion and general weakness of the body but i didn't think it was Covid 19."

The second phase was marked in his Corona virus cycle was acceptance and treatment. Even though the doctors gave him hope, he could see they were not definite but they were trying their best.

The last phase in his Corona virus encounter he described it as more friendly as he was in home isolation. He was still positive. He was put under home care nurse and continued to administer his drugs, monitor his oxygen,blood pressure and blood -sugar levels every three hours.

The last phase turned out to be one of the most creative,inspirational and revelatory moments of his life. The break gave him an opportunity to take stock his own political journey. He said " politics had robbed of my life and my voice. Had i died of Corona virus i would have died alone. All that noise and bustle of politics would continue without me."

He also added that:

"I made a decision to appreciate myself and to reclaim my life. From now on i will follow the desires of my heart. I would ignore all the noise the psychological burdens of friendship and idiocies of politics, i too,have a fundamental duty to live a happy and decent life in the remaining years of my life."

He finished by saying:

"I promised myself to pursue my dreams without seeking approval from anybody. I thank Corona virus for helping me find myself and to liberate me from others."

Content created and supplied by: lywangui (via Opera News )

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