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Slim Your Tummy Today; Home Remedy to Eliminate Belly Fat

Eliminating belly fat and reducing the size of your tummy has been such a hustle in the past because of the amount of physical exercise required and work outs involved, but this is no longer the case thanks to nutritional research. This remedy contains the natural supplements that your body needs in order to restore it's normal functioning properly to burn down excess fat and at the same time eliminating toxics from the body by boosting kidney and liver functions.

Belly fat is usually as a result of a series of accumulation of fat within a long period of time. This remedy combined with a proper balanced diet henceforth guarantees loss of belly fat and results are seen just after two days of use.

You Will Need The Following.

White Rice

Two glasses of water

Two lemon



Natural honey

How To Prepare.

Take four table spoonful of the white rice and add to the mixing bowl. Add one glass of water to it and set it aside to soak for a few minutes.

Wash the lemon using clean water. Take a knife and cut the into small pieces. Do not remove the peel. They are necessary for this process. Add the pieces of lemon to the bowl.

Peel the garlic and expose the soft inner parts. Drop two pieces into the mixing bowl and transfer to a blender.

By this time the rice will have slightly dissolved into the waters and become soft.

Blend for three minutes and use a sieve to refine into a smooth drink. Add one tablespoon of natural honey for taste.

The remedy is just about ready for use at this point.

How To Use.

Drink this remedy thirty minutes after your balanced diet. Drink enough water afterwards and rest your body for half an hour or a hour as preferred.

Give your body systems humble time to process down the food and burn out excess fat.

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Content created and supplied by: Ogada-Buyu (via Opera News )

Garlic Slim White Rice


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