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Sad News As the Ministry Of Health Gives Today's Covid-19 Update

Photo courtesy:SC Mutahi Kagwe

Over the last 24 hours the ministry oh health has again revealed that covid 19 virus has claimed more lives, this comes after today's positivity rates stands at 14.4 percent.It is such heartbreaking as Kenyans were expecting the curve to flatten .Below is the picture showing the positivity rate.

The Cs Mutahi Kagwe has however urged kenyans to remain firm and support the government on this pandemic.Altough the 'red zoned' areas are still locked, they continue to record more cases each day.This means the county management of these counties must put extra effort in ensuring that people within their counties do not spread the virus.

It is however good for kenyans to get vaccinated against this virus.Also the Ministry of health has said that those who manged to get there first covid jab will get there second dose as scheduled. This means there is no alarm for missing the second covid jab.

Although Kenyans are loosing patience , the government urges kenyans to continuously follow the guidelines given, as this may prevent them from contracting the virus.

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Kenyans Ministry Of Health Mutahi Kagwe SC Mutahi Kagwe


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