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Ladies, If Your Blood Group is A-, B-, O-, Pay Attention To This Vital Informational

People have made mistakes in life because of ignorance. Ignorance is a disease that no one should ever pray for. That' s why you should always be seeking information that would help you in this journey of life. If you are among those that have any of these blood group, then you have to pay crystal attention. These are called Rhesus Negative blood group. If you see Rhesus Negative person, then you have to know that getting pregnant for a man whose is Rhesus positive. It can cause a big problem for the future pregnancies.

Assuming that the baby is Rhesus positive, your own body and trillion of cells will get to the Rh- positive protein of the child and present themselves as foreign bodies.

When a woman is pregnant, during delivery or. Labor, her. bloodstream gets attached to the blood cells of the young blood.

What happens here is that the woman' s Immune system will now act as antibodies against the cells of the baby.

The already created antibodies affects the child' s red blood cells and might destroy them at any time.

Bilirubin starts emerging when the baby' s blood lacks sufficient amount of red blood cells. The excess of this can affect the child' s brain cells. This leads to yellowing of the child' s skin and whitening of the eyes.

If this effect is too much, the young blood can die within a very short period of time after birth.

Who does this concern the most?

This discussion is very important because many women don' t know about this and they go about blaming their village people. It mostly concerns women that are Rhesus Negative and having a babe for someone that is Rh- positive.

Your first issue with a man who is Rhesus positive might not affect the baby much because the body takes time to developed it' s own antibodies. That' s why first child is not actually affected.

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