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Infections Men Can Get From The Barber

It is not a surprise or amusing to get infections from the barber once a man has gone to a shave or a haircut. Some of the tools used in the barber shop are the mediums use in carrying bacteria and transfer of infections from one person to another. These infections spread if the equipment used are not properly sterillized.

According to an online site Men's Health speaking to experts, men could suffer these types of infections in the barber shop.

1. Barber's Itch

This infection is a type of folliculitis which forms around the beard or scalp area and is accompanied by itchiness, red bumps and pimples that have pus and are very itchy.

2. Tetanus

Tetanus is characterized by rust. This infection comes up after the barber uses rusted equipment for haircut or beard shave.

3. Tinea Capitis

This infection is a type of fungal disease that takes up the shape of a ringworm and is sometimes very itchy. It can be spread by use of combs and towels that are not thoroughly sterillized.

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