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Remedies and control of Stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers is simply a sore that develops on the linings of oesophagus, small intestines and stomach walls. Its majorly caused by H pylori and bacteria.Depression has also emerged to be the greatest contributor in development of ulcers among adults.

Treatment and control of ulcers is still a big problem, to those suffering from the condition.Many people have tried different treatment many times,but the condition later explodes and becomes worse. The secrets to keeping ulcers at bay is simply managing your diet.

First of all you should be cautious of what goes in your mouth. You should be aware of all acidic fruits such as oranges and strawberries as they contain citrus acids that triggers reaction with the stomach acids. You should also avoid vegetables such as kales and instead take spinach or kienyeji greens such managu.

Consumption of alcohol, sour drinks and drinks with excess caffeine is also not advised to ulcerative people. Always drink enough water everyday to keep the stomach acids neutralized.Cold milk is also important for healing the sores.You should also avoid eating cold foods.

Avocados have also been proven to be effective in, covering stomach walls from corrosion of stomach acid. Antacids tabs or suspension syrups should be taken in case you take acidic foods without knowledge.

With all this measures taken, you will be able to manage stomach ulcers and live a healthy life.

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