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10 Natural ways to lose weight and get into shape.

An ideal body with the correct weight and shape is a life motivating factor. Nature has its balances and you to can optimise your weight naturally by;

1.Burning fats and calories.

The human body is a system under each and every ones command. And with the correct routine of workout you can have your ideal weight and shape. Layout your exercise plan; register for gym sessions or use exercise apps like fitify(available on google play store) and burn down the excess fats and calories that render you shapeless and overweight.

2. Quitting carbonated drinks.

Sounds ridiculous? Fizzy drinks and other carbonated beverages are rich in calories and for that perfect shape they shouldn’t be in our diets. Blended juice is an alternative option or one can go for fresh fruits in filling the gap of carbonated drinks.

3. Eating fresh fruits and healthy vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, proteins and fibres that are of great nutritional value. They help in maintaining health and suppressing appetite. Their low calorie content is for the body.

4. Avoiding skipping meals.

When we skip meals, we put our body under starvation leading to accumulation of too much fat cells and also we over eat in our next meals – this increases the risk of weight gain. But instead eat small frequents healthy meals.

5.Adding eggs to your diet.

Eggs are low in calorie but rich in proteins and other nutrients. High protein foods are appetite suppressors and tend to increase fullness than other low protein foods. Taking eggs for breakfast have been shown to reduce weight by 65% within 8 weeks compared to eating bagels of breakfast.

6.Lowering salt and sugar intake.

Sugar is a mega calorie source and one should minimize on taking both the sugary foods and adding too sugar in drinks. Salt on the other hand contains sodium which when taken in high amounts results in weight gains. Moderation is the key.

7.Drinking herbal tea.

Herbal tea is rich in antioxidants that help in burning excess body fats. It also clears of the metabolic toxins and other harmful nitrogenous wastes present in the body that forms additional weight constitutes. Herbal tea shows best results when taken without sugar.

8.Spicing your meals.

Chilli peppers and jalapenos contain the compound capsaicin that boosts metabolism and burning of fats I’m the body. Capsaicin may also reduce appetite and calorie intake.

9.Getting enough sleep

The human body reconstitutes at rest; proper hormone balance, enzymes organisation and general body healing. Sleep deprivation results in appetite hormonal changes and subsequent weight gain by 55% chance. This percentage is far much evident in sleep deprived children.

10. Drinking a lot of water and heathy fluids.

The human cell is 80% – 90 % water. Water clears toxins from the body and keeps is hydrated. Drinking 8 – 10 glasses a day prevents constipation and improves metabolism. Always drink water 1 hour after every meal to avoid tummy fat build up. Fluids like coconut water, barley water, vegetable soup & wheat grass juice are rich in antioxidants, minerals and very low in calories hence very healthy for human use.


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