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Waiguru's Husband Takes a Swipe At CS Kagwe Over His Bullying Tactics in Curbing Covid-19

Health CS mutahi kagwe.

The cabinet Secretary for health Mutahi Kagwe has come under sharp criticism over his recent announcement aimed at boosting Covid-19 jab intake.

In one of his addresses, Kagwe Said that kenyans risk being denied Services if they don't take up the jabs.

Prominent lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo who is also husband to kirinyaga governor Ann waiguru has come out guns blazing accusing Kagwe of bullying Kenyans.

In an opinion piece which appeared on Saturday Standard, Waiganjo said that the solution of the jab Kagwe is prescribing to Kenyans is unrelated to our current situation.

He gave examples of America where the Vaccination rate is over 60% but has registrared 770000 deaths while Nigeria plus Ethiopia combined only have 10,000 deaths from Covid-19 with very low Vaccination rate.

According to Waiganjo, Africa has surprised researchers and Prophets of doom who had Predicted numerous deaths given the weak Medical infrastructure.

"What mystifies researchers is that while the continent comprises 17 per cent to the global population, our share of Covid deaths is a mere 3 percent of global fatalities.

To make the comparison real, Nigeria and Ethiopia with a combined population of 325 million have recorded 10,000 deaths from Covid since the beginning of the pandemic.

America, with a similar population, with more than 60 per cent of its population vaccinated and with world-class health infrastructure has lost 770,000 people to Covid in that same period", he said.

The lawyer went on to say that the declining rates of infections locally can't be attributed to vaccinations.

He said whereas he isn't opposed to Vaccination having already taken the two doses, statistics clearly indicate that jabs aren't a panacea hence kenyans should not be threatened into taking them.

He explained that kenyans have suffered enough torment in the hands of corrupt police officers During curfew days hence need a break.

Do you agree with Waiganjo? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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