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Have You Been Experiencing Pain in Your Upper Thighs? Here Are The Causes You should Never Ignore

Have you been experiencing upper thigh pain? While it might not be a major cause for concern, it could be a warning sign of a particular infection that needs your attention. Thigh pain can ruin your day when it is accompanied by numbness, itchiness, tingling and burning sensation.

When the condition fails to dissipate after employing some home remedies, it is advisable that you seek medical attention before it gets out of hand. Numerous health conditions have been linked to upper thigh pain which include;

1.Deep thrombosis

Also identified as blood clot, deep thrombosis can cause upper thigh pain by blocking veins responsible for supplying blood to the thigh. Blood clots are most instrumental during injuries as they prevent excessive bleeding.

However, the clots tend to be dangerous when they are not needed. For instance, they may lead to strokes, heart attacks and other related cardiovascular infections. In regards to the thigh, the condition occurs when blood comes into contact with plaques in the blood vessels. When you have blood clots in your upper thighs, you are likely to experience intense pain.

2.Muscle strains

They occur when the muscle is overstretched which might be due to exhaustion or fatigue. Whereas they can affect any part of your body, they can also occur on your upper thighs.

They are said to be associated with intense pain, stiffness and general weakness. The important thing is that you can purge the condition by using ice cubes and taking anti inflammatory drugs. Consider seeing the doctor if the condition does not dissipate.

3. Diabetes

It could be as well be an early sign of diabetes. Diabetes-related artery disease may bar the smooth flow of blood to the thighs hence causing the pain. If you have realized stiffness, numbness and burning sensation on your thighs, this could be a sign of diabetes. Make an appointment of seeing a doctor.

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