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Common Practices You Are Doing That Are Making You Age Faster And You Should Consider Quitting

The habits that we do in our daily activities have a huge impact on how we feel and look, sometimes it's best to respect our bodies to reap the benefits of optimal physical and mental health, with that said, the following are some avoidable practices that speed up the aging process.

Unhealthy eating

Most people are into fatty, processed, carbohydrate-laden foods, but what they do not consider is they cause premature aging, it's always best to consider taking a balanced diet with the required nutrients for the body.


smoking is a topic that almost everyone knows of it but never gives a thought to the damage it brings with each puff, and premature aging is also on the top list of its side effects.

Lack of exercise

People who do not exercise are known to get age-related illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, exercises help to reduce cortisol levels, improve blood pressure, and so much. Just 20 minutes or 30 minutes of work out a day will do so many benefits.

Sleep deprivation

Lack of enough sleep is becoming a worldwide epidemic, and it is very disastrous to human health, this is because it leads to an impaired cognition and even memory performance. If prolonged it can speed up the aging process by reducing skin elasticity, eye puffiness under the eyes, and also uneven pigmentation.

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