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Covid19: India Records 352,000 New Infections And 2812 Deaths As Crematorium is Full Of Dead Bodies

The third wave of covid 19 variant has continued to devaste the economies of various countries. In India, the virus has caused ravage killing thousands of citizens.

The country has recorded a total of 352000 new infections of covid 19 patients in the last 24 hours.2812 patients have succumbed to this deadly virus.

It is estimated that one patient died after every four minutes in India. It only takes 23 minutes for a flight from Kenya to reach India. According to Citizen TV, the distance between Kenya and India is 5013 km. The goverment of Kenya is Keen to ensure that Kenyan citizen who are in India have been protected against this deadly virus.

Crematoriums are full as the bodies are being cremated outside the cities. Various world countries including America have promised to stand with India as it struggle with the fight against the new variant of covid 19.

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