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Tips on Handling Stress to Avoid Depression for Healthy Living

In every life situation it is treated as upnormal to live a free Stress Life , thus there must be ups and downs in each an individual's life.

Therefore one should be having adequate precaution to avoid getting deeper into depression and enjoy every moment in your life time.

Below are tip to avoid getting into depression;

1. Balance Responsibilities

Overemphasy of one responsibility leads to avoiding of other basic one and may force you to overworking to bring them to the intended position thus causing stress on when to finish it, thus equal time should be given to your responsibilities.

2. Manage Responsibilities

One should engage in activities which he/she is capable of doing them all to avoid overworking. This can be done by delegating other activities to other people.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthier doesn't mean eating every kind of food but it should be balance diet including Proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin.

This helps in activating your mind.

4.Got proper sleep

Many research shows that a person should sleep in eight hours for the normal functioning of the body. Lack of proper sleep causes dizziness and one may not perform work effectively.

Proper sleep cause one to refresh mind and be ready for the next day's activities.

5. Make Time to exercise daily

Free time is important on one's life since it is at that time where one free his/ her mind after a very stressing activities.

6. Sharing Experience with friends

One should have that a friend to share his/her life time experience either good or bad and this will help to avoid some bad decision through friend's advice thus guarding on falling into stress.

7 . Avoid intimidating group

As much as socializing is concern, there are a group of people who tends to intimidate others on their lifestyle, thus one should avoid them to avoid stress.

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Eat Healthy Food


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