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How I Use A Balloon Worth Ksh 300,000 To Lose Weight After Struggling With Obesity; Woman Narrates.

A woman, identified as Clara, narrates her life story on how she uses a balloon worth Ksh 300,000 to lose weight after struggling with obesity.

After Clara gave birth to her first child, she developed postpartum depression and food was the only comfort she knew.' I used to take three plates of food every morning', Clara recalls. This went on for a while, until after she birthed her second baby and realized that she had become huge, she says. Eating had become a habit that she couldn't stop.

After her kids were all grown, she decided to weigh her kilos and the results shocked her. 'I weighed 150 kilograms, I've never dreamt of being that heavy', Clara states. Her weight made her unable to do house chores and even affected her self-esteem, resulting in her staying indoors most of the time.

One day, her son encouraged her to start going to the gym. Unfortunately, after she visited one of the gyms in the area, they informed her that she should first begin by walking then come to the gym later after the weight had gone down a little. 'I couldn't believe even the gym instructors thought I was too big to work out', Clara sadly states.

Later, a friend informed her of a method that changed her life forever. It was known as the gastric based balloon program. She hadn't heard of it before, and she decided to try. To her surprise, doctors said that it costed ksh300,000, but she was willing to pay the price, she says. 

The balloon is swallowed and it goes all the way to the stomach. It helps one not to eat much since it goes and occupies the stomach area and makes one full even when she hasn't eaten. The balloon has been designed to stay in the stomach for 16weeks, she says. Since she started the program, Clara says that she has managed to lose 40 kilograms, and she is longingly expecting to lose more. She therefore advises people struggling with weight loss, to try the method, since it's medically proven, and it's effective.

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